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Project Feasibility Report EPCMaintenance

Service Overview

We provide a detailed Project Feasibility Report which will give insights into the on-site conditions, execution challenges and potentiality like water, land and inventive execution plan to procure and commission the project in a befitting manner.

A thorough understanding of the on-site environment unfolds the impact of the surrounding on the longevity of the project and thus helps in implementing some recommended measures during the maintenance activities. Our Feasibility Report also guides the client in making crucial decisions that increase the lifespan, efficiency of the project thus enhancing the output and viability.

Service Overview

Based on the Feasibility Report, we can formulate an execution plan to suggest the best components that suit the project's engineering and procurement requirements, besides addressing the on-site obstacles in commissioning. Quality being our focus, we procure all our components from internationally renowned manufacturers.
Our accomplished team of technicians with an experience of 10 years from all around the globe are well versed with the on-site conditions and the essential measures to counter any challenges in commissioning. We ensure maximum irradiation exposure and power generation with our efficient planning, procurement and commissioning.


Our technical team assess the feasibility of the solar power plant installation at a particular through rigorous methods which involves soil testing, contour survey, topography mapping, weather analysis, irradiation study, local liaison, etc.



We have a dedicated team for liaison with all the government departments and other stakeholders to provide a hassle free investment opportunity for all our investors. This team also makes the project execution a far simpler job which enables us to meet our deadlines and execute projects beforehand for our investors resulting in considerable savings on Interest During Construction.



We have an expert Operation and Maintenance team which enables us to continuously satisfying our investors with more than committed generation figures from the solar power plants installed by our organization. Our O&M team is deputed 24/7 at site taking care of all the nitty-gritty of the solar power plant. Our team believes in ‘Preventive Maintenance’ wherein through continuous and rigorous monitoring of the solar power plant our engineers prevent the faults in the solar power plants before it could happen.



This aspect of the solar power plant installation forms the core of the project as this aspect alone will decide the sustainability and working of the solar power plant for 25 years. We can proudly state that Rays Power Infra has been one of the best organizations in this aspect. This fact is evident from our proven track record and numerous testimonials of our investors. Following is a brief layout of the three services provided by us:



Our design team has always come up with new innovations in optimizing the design to reduce wastage of land and enhance the generation from the solar power plant.



Being an ISO certified organization, our procurement team follows strict quality parameters for all the equipments which are installed in the solar power plant. From a nut to the solar modules, none of the equipment passes the boundary of the installation site without strict quality inspection by our engineers.



We follow strict regulations of the labour law and construction methodologies for the construction of the solar power plants making sure that the solar power plant would last for 30+ years. This fact is evident from the fact that our directors have graduated in civil engineering from IIT Roorkee which is the most affluent and premier institutes of India.

  • SRGE

The regular wear and tear due to foreseen environmental constraints, inadequate maintenance or expected life diminution and other such impediments diminish the irradiation or power output of the project, thus leading to lower viability and higher financial loss. SRGE is our special service designed to revive and revitalize the existing projects to maximize the productivity. We conduct timely health checkups to analyse the changes in irradiation, on-site conditions and any such deterrents which are lowering the project viability, to propose and execute inventive maintenance activities that boost power output. Such measures can help in making appropriate decisions in time and thus increasing the profitability of the project. Our perceptive and integrated services encompass Project Feasibility Report as a first step to understand the project and its viability, Procurement & Commissioning of the project at international standards and SRGE to maintain and conserve an existing or a new project's output.

Service Overview

We provide timely and regular servicing after installation. In every 3 months we ensure to look into the service offered. Based on the needs of the customer, customization will be taken care as per the needs mentioned.

Our maintenance processes are best carried out by qualified installers or service technicians who are conversant with PV components and their safety procedures. Maintenance ensures that the installed solar energy system is operating safely, correctly and efficiently.