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Ostrich Power Solutions is a growing name in the solar energy field with an energetic team that works on new ideas. We believe that everyone should benefit from technology. Our aim is to ensure there is light for everyone. Ostrich Power Solutions provide the best quality solar products at a competitive price. Our team educates the public on the effective use of free Solar Energy in their homes & industries. Solar Energy will lead to a reduction in electricity bills. Our Main Motto is Customer satisfaction and we welcome customer feedback & suggestions.

Ostrich Power Solutions is a part of a fresh new wave in innovative start-ups focusing on improving the lives of low-income and middle-income citizens across the world. Our emphasis is on providing renewable, sustainable and low-cost energy to developing and emerging economies and address the need for clean and affordable energy, independent of infrastructure and resource deficiencies.
Our plan is to initially focus on simple, cost-effective and high efficiency solar power solutions that are easy to assemble with minimal training. This will enable houses, communities, villages and towns to quickly install our solution and power up within hours. The solutions we offer are designed to leverage locally available electro-mechanical parts and modules so that repairs can be prompt and inexpensive.
Our target applications include renewable solar-power for homes, rural and small-scale schools, farms, clinics and for facilities such as street lighting and water pumping. We plan to substantially improve the lives of millions and drive micro-businesses that are the economic lifeblood of small towns, farms and villages through innovation, research, collaboration and vocational education.
Ostrich Power Solutions are priced to be highly affordable and are approved by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and DGS&D under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. We have partnerships with regional banks and lending institutions for low-cost loans so virtually everyone can benefit from solar-generated electricity.

Our Mission

Ostrich Power Solutions has a mission to provide top-notch energy solutions through leveraging the latest technologies by harnessing renewable energy and delivering world-class services.

Our Vision

We aim to achieve leadership by providing Solar Solutions through developing an operating ecosystem of innovation, fairness and integrity towards our customers, vendors, employees and the society at large.

Business Focus

We focus to deliver total energy solutions for diverse businesses and reduce the cost of energy in the long run. We always thrive to attain client satisfaction and offer 360-degree services right from giving feasibility reports to maintaining and monitoring the output of the project.
Depending on the feasibility report, our expert team will come up with the best suggestions & recommendations. We also take part in the maintenance and monitoring of the system output thereby increasing the efficiency and productivity of the installation.

Our Quality

Our quality of the project comes with world-class technology and the components we procure from our internationally renowned partners and collaborations. Our technical team always takes a leap in providing the best quality solar solutions.


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Florian BottmannPartner & CEO
Fynn KliemannChief Technology Officer
Matt HarpinChief Financial Officer
Gary HidesLearning & Career Manager
Matt HarpinChief Financial Officer
Florian BottmannPartner & CEO